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Registry hack needed: Full date in the tray clock

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OK, here's what my tray looks like now: (see attachment in previous post)
I want it to say the full date like "5-5-2008" instead where it says "Monday"
I know this can be changed in the registry, (I figured out how to put seconds in the time field once, but I've since forgotten how...) but Google has not enlightened me.
I know there are a bazillion tray clock softwares out there, but I don't want yet another software running.

Anybody got a solution or any other interesting hacks for the tray clock?
-Edvard (May 05, 2008, 01:09 PM)
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Does anybody knows why this happends? On my WinXP I had the same problem. The strange thing is that it changes completely randomly. Sometimes I see it with date sometimes without...

Ok, I've tried a few of these, and it looks like Betaclock is the winner.
Tclock worked well, but wouldn't do two lines (looks better with my setup) I tried Alfaclock and found it annoying.
Alphaclock (the original) is still here: but it only displays the time.
Looks nice, though.

Thanks everyone!

I use WinCalendarTime, it's simple.
Just 32 bit support though.

Haven't gotten around to trying tclock yet.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
Getting back to the original intent of this thread: registry hack needed.

I'm interested in this too. I also have TClock running, but would rather be more of a 'minimalist' and just NOT have an application.

superboyac, how did you made the fonts with different colors? Is there any tag that can be used in the date format string?  Seems like nobody found it curious so I'm asking. Seems like the fonts are different too.


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