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Talking about timer (just peeped into it) :
Why can't I make an ALIAS like " tm in 60 tada " , work (I doesn't create a timer)

Hi echo!
I think you're looking for "dosearch", "restartsearch" or "dosearchontrigger". They're documented on the help file, under "Advanced Use -> Special/Virtual Launch Strings".
An example would be:
dosearch tm in 60 tada
The three different keywords are aimed at different situations, so just try each one and see which ones fits best ;)

mytm2To my surprise
dosearch helped     :Thmbsup:

It might be only me , but I wouldn't have guessed it from the HELP .  Why are aliases so different from UNIX aliases ?

Thank you for the assistance  :)

:) The aliases aren't designed to replace a search by another search, they are designed to be used to launch other programs. Only when you add one of those I mentioned do they work like you'd expect with an unix alias.
Probably, the name isn't very adequate :)

A minnor update. Enter is now used  :up:
-czechboy (June 12, 2008, 11:16 AM)
--- End quote ---
Enter doesn't work for validation :(.
Typing a period is not intuitive and very puzzling for a new user (in the video the period is hardly visible ;))
Otherwise a great bravo for Timer


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