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Yeah... it is the "enter" problem  :-[

Is there a way to delete a timer?

Very minor suggestions for improvement:
1) an option to play a nice little alarm wav file (letting user customize and override a default wav file would be nice but not nesc.)
2) when user clicks Advanced options in FARR plugin configuration dialog it should show settings.
3) provide a way to delete timers.
4) I noticed that you can do tm # to show details about a timer including the amount of time until it triggers (really cool!).  i wonder if it might be nice to have an option to show this info on the main tm listing of timers (this might require 2 rows per timer entry) -- this is just an idea im not sure if it's a good one.
5) the example text for setting a "tm on" date says to use . to separate the day,month,year but this is clearly wrong and will result in prematurely setting the timer.  hitting a period after only typing a day or month should not trigger adding the timer since its an invalid date.
6) it would be nice if there was either an option or an alternate input format (such as using DAY-MONTH-YEAR vs. MONTH/DAY/YEAR) for crazy americans.

But I have to say this is a wonderful plugin.

It's also definitely convinced me to add the plugin api function that will have FARR inform the active plugin about idle time intervals, so that you could have the memo listing the timer countdowns be "live" and dynamically updated as long as the memo is on screen.

0) Well not for now, I often delete something and then realize that I want it back ;D So I decided not to add this option. (you can always delete archive.txt)
1) I use FARR.debug for alert window and as far as I know it is not possible to change wav there. I am thinking of using other way of alerting (like to open FARR window and display the alert there), then it would be possible ;) If there are no other suggestions then I will use FARR as alert window rather then FARR.debug but it will take some time to code it
2) I do not know how to do so... I will have to find out if it is possible
3) Yeah... maybe... :P
4) I would not want it, but if you like it I can add it as option
5) Hups... I will correct it (actualy when "enter" option is available, dot (period) will be one of separator options)
6) Ok... will do as option in the future ;)

7) Well, actualy I think it is already possible now, because there is an setInterval function in javascript SDK, so I add it to my todo list :)

3) Yeah... maybe...
--- End quote ---

right now you have a nice menu shown to user when they select the timer:
Alert in 1 Days 14 Hours 58 Minutes 22 Seconds
A) Archive

Why not just add:
D) Delete

to let them delete it.

If you wanted to get fancy you could even add a:
R) Replace

Which basically would just delete it an add text in search edit which repeated the original timer line used to add it, which would let user quickly change something and re-add.  just an idea.

i dont mind having to edit archive.text to manually delete items from the archive.
i just think you need a way to delete a timer once you set it!

I use FARR.debug for alert window and as far as I know it is not possible to change wav there.
--- End quote ---
i meant that in the settings page where you let users configure how the timer plugin works, you could let them override a path to a custom .wav file.


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