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if you have any other fscript-based plugins you might try moving them so you can test farr with just the timer plugin and nothing else, at least that would eliminate the possibility that the problem is caused by plugins.

Yes, I did that -- what I did is zipping all plugins, deleting them, and leaving only the timer plugin in the plugins folder. That didn't work either. Same problem.


here is an idea that is totally optional -- so only add it if you think it would be a good idea and easy:
"add a P)resets" item to top level, which would display a list from 0-9 of prefefined alarms the user could create, the contents of which would be read from a .txt file (presetalarams.txt).

So a user could edit the presetalarms.txt file like:
 in 1:00:00 Coffee Break Time
 in 10:00 Play Break Time

And when they type "tm p" it would show:
0) in 1:00:00 Coffee Break Time
1) in 10:00 Play Break Time

pressing a number would create that alarm.


it's just an idea, feel free to ignore it.

ps. I dont think the F)ind function serves much purpose for this plugin; i'm not sure when one would ever need it, so you might want to remove it from the listed features when you type "tm".  im sure it will come in handy in future plugins though :)

A preview screenshot of Timer plugin using the new AlertBox plugin api function being added to FARR:

Armando: I am lost with you. It actually seams to me that some activexobject doesnt work for you. I remember that you have had problems with new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"); and now it seams that new ActiveXObject("InternetExplorer.Application"); does not work for you (that is why no window is displayed to you).
So try to reinstall Windows Script:
Restart windows after reinstalling ;)

mouser: where can we get the new version of FARR?
In todotxt you can write something like p:something which means project something or you can write @something. I wanted to implement similar function which is find where you can create any mark like (xxx,yyy etc) and by typing it in every todo and by using function find you can select only some of your todos. Like you type "mum: call my mum tomorow" or "mum: give her flowers" etc and then you go to find and type "mum:" and it displays what all you have to do to your mum ;) Any other ideas are of course welcome ;)

And concerning presetalarams.txt I will add it to my todo list ;)

presetalarams.txt added ;) type number of some alarm and "p" to add to preset alarms. Type "p" on main menu to retrieve preset alarm or to delete one

edit: mouser:Are you ready for a couple more really minor tweaks?
1) In the log you are listing all past alerts as [CANCELED], but i think ONLY the ones that the user DELETES should be marked as canceled.
2) In the log you are only showing the text associated with the event.  It would be nice if it showed the date+time as well as the tex
--- End quote ---
I did not get this. do you want to have active alarms in the log as well? all alarms showed in the log are canceled...


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