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Timer - closed

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How do you start the timer?  I type in "tm in 10 test." (without the quotes) and nothing happens.  The area below the input box says "Counting down. (example: 4:50.....), the In: says 10 seconds, the Text: says test. (with the period).  And then it says "Preset alarm (Type in the text "undefined"): true.

The status bar shows the date/time and "Next event in: No timer set"

Thanks for any help.

I believe I found the issue.  My "settings" window opens so you see everything but the "Send" button at the bottom.  So I figured closing it had the same effect.  I just scrolled down to find the button, clicked send, and now my timers are working and I have pleasure.

Great plug-in, thanks!

The link seems to be broken!?
-> 404 Not Found
    The requested URL /Plugins/Timer/ was not found on this server.

is there a new URL to download the plugin?

Sorry, I forgot to close this topic.

Please follow this link

to the new location of Timer and my other plugins

thanks a lot - downloaded the czb_pack  :)


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