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Is there anything in the timer settings windows internet explorer box? also try to delete and install timer from scratch because we had some issues of having wrong version of timer on http and we could not get rid of it ;)

also try to deleted and install timer
-czechboy (October 13, 2008, 04:37 AM)
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I delete the timer and reinstalled it (by downloading the Zip file as it wasn't listed in DCUpdater after deleting it for some reason).  Once reinstalled I got the internet explorer settings box showing (exactly the same before (ie. with setting details in it)). I then clicked on send and it all seemed ok. DCUpdater is listing it and shows the same version as before (1.01.13).

It will now accept timers if I press enter, but it still doesn't accept period/full stop. From my point of view it now works and is easy to use.  However, somebody else might still have a problem as the forum tends to refer to period rather than pressing enter. So I'm happy but it might need a look to make the documentation clearer for other people.

Thanks for the help on this.

thanks mouser, it was not working for me as well.

I found out why my latest install of timer wasn't working -- the directory for storing the timer.txt settings was reset to a non-existent directory, which caused the plugin to not work.

If you get this behavior, time "tm settings" and specify a valid directory.  :up:
-mouser (September 24, 2008, 03:01 AM)
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sir... you have just made my life better!
thank you!

I have a question! Why does the pop up not only speak your Text but also the ":p:" for preset?

I laugh when I hear - "You have a reminder - make an Image p!"  ;D


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