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FastExplorer: Create your own Context Menu Items (Freeware)

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Hi Alex, great program you have here!

A suggestion that came to my mind immediately would be a plugin system.  This would allow your program to leverage all the other programmers on this site that can create great little modular functions, for viewing different file types from the context menu and other things. 


Feel free to point and laugh and place a comical hat upon my head if I have missed something written in really big letters, but would Fast Explorer allow me to ditch the current freeware utility I am using to get rid of unwanted context menu items?

You know, all the ones slapped on by this or that program, that the program itself doesn't provide an option to get rid of them, or if it does, you can't find it, so your context menu ends up with about 9 squillion entries, approximately 7 of which you use or need...

cathodera, you're not being dense at all, this is a question many people have and a confusion between 2 different kinds of context menu tools.

FastExplorer (and the program i was intending to write) are for ADDING custom entries to the right-click context menu.  It won't let you remove items put on by other programs.

There are a few programs that will let you remove context menu items put by other programs.  See the links above and in other threads for programs like: Hace MMM, and others listed in this post:


Thanks for such a prompt reply!

I have one to get rid of the context menu items I don't want, and I love the idea of FastExplorer, being able to roll my own that I do want, but I would really love to have the twain meet, and not have to double-team the context menu, just to make it function as I wish.

I am a semi-recovering freeware junkie of the packrat variety, and now I am on this less is more kick, trying to reduce the number of programs running at any given time, even reducing the installed population, so that they can all have more room to breathe, stretch their legs, maybe even set out a couple of pepper plants...

You can see in the todo list of FastExplorer that they are considering adding this function, but i do not believe there is any one utility that can currently do both of these functions well.


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