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FastExplorer: Create your own Context Menu Items (Freeware)

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It's a very strange sad feeling as a programmer when you find that someone else has coded a program you wanted to write, and done a good job...
-mouser (May 01, 2008, 06:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Procrastination vindicated again!   ;)

Sorrry to hear mouser! Programming projects become very personal sometimes, especially if you put a lot of effort into it already. Try and think about it as freeing up time for a new idea or making existing projects even better (if that's possible!!) that you otherwise wouldn't have had time for!

>But with so many program ideas floating around, it just seems a waste to write something that already exists.

Try creating a tool which can re-arrange existing shell-menu entries. I found quite some tools which add new menus or delete existing entries, but not help me organize them. The only tool I found doing this is HACE mmm (plus). Downside: It's not updated since years + works for few applications only.

here is the original ContextMenu Commander thread. mouser, i'm quite sad that the CMC project won't be taking off but i'll be taking it philosophically that this means you'll have time for other projects. ;)

Alex Yakovlev:
Hello context menu fans!

Since 1999, Fast Explorer is an active project and is always open for suggestions and comments.
As for now, it is the only freeware tool that does the wide range of context menu management tasks.
I see here much interest in a good context menu manager. I'd like to share the development plan and discuss it with you:

Next minor update (expected in a few weeks)

* copy/paste feature for menu items across different tabs;
* add support for perceived types (introduced in Windows XP ) including a set of predefined PerceivedTypes: Image, Text, Audio, Video, Compressed and System;
* relax user privileges for using of Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL: administrative rights on local machine are required to enable or disable dynamic menu items only, and regular users can enjoy installed context menu items;
* update installer to NSIS v2.36;
* fix: Windows Registration Server (regsvr32.exe) crashes after enabling or disabling dynamic menu items;
* fix: exotic crash on pressing Win+E or right clicking on My Computer;
* fix: incorrect reporting of Windows Server 2008 in the About box;
* fix: dynamic menu items do not appear if the access to the Internet is restricted for Verclsid.exe; more info;
* fix: crash on click on the Parameters label on the Submenu Items tab;
* fix: crash on pressing F1 when a context menu is shown.
Future minor updates

* [troubleshooting] improve diagnostics of Registry operations and show the users an error message reported by system;
* [usability] multi-select feature for static and dynamic menu items tabs;
* Ability to specify multiple file types for menu items;
* "Convert existing static menu item to dynamic": possibility to place existing (non-Fast Explorer) items into submenus with one click;
Future major versions

* a special context menu item that shows preview of an image;
* a context menu item that would allow a user to explore and execute the contents of any directory in Windows XP (similar to cascading menus in Start, e.g.);
* manage IE context menus;
As you see, the context menu management thread is supposed to be alive until Microsoft includes own context menu manager with Windows, or moves to Linux ;)

Please use this topic to post your suggestions and requests (or contact via email).
All points of the development plan (except the next minor update) are the subject to change if there will be (or won't be) demand for them.


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