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FastExplorer: Create your own Context Menu Items (Freeware)

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Currently I use a program called OpenExpert ( to do this.
It looks like FastExplorer is more fully featured though, so I'll have to check it out.

Alex Yakovlev:
Just to warm up the topic:
Fast Explorer 2008
Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL v3.1.11.190
are finally out and ready to download from:

List of changes:

* added support for perceived types (introduced in Windows XP) including a set of predefined PerceivedTypes: Image, Text, Audio, Video, Compressed and System;
* copy and paste for static and dynamic menu items;
* relaxed user priveleges for using of Fast Explorer Context Menu Extension DLL: administrative rights on local machine are required to edit, enable and disable dynamic menu items. Regular users can enjoy installed context menu items;
* updated installer to NSIS v2.39;
* fix: Windows Registration Server (regsvr32.exe) crashes after enabling or disabling dynamic menu items;
* fix: accidental crash on pressing Win+E or right clicking on My Computer;
* fix: incorrect reporting of Windows Server 2008 in the About box;
* fix: dynamic menu items didn't appear if the access to the Internet is restricted for Verclsid.exe;
* fix: crash on click on the Parameters label on the Submenu Items tab;
* fix: crash on pressing F1 when a context menu is shown.
As usual, English, French and Russian localizations are built in. Japan localization is coming (hopefully  :) ).

I've written about this before.. It's a very strange sad feeling as a programmer when you find that someone else has coded a program you wanted to write, and done a good job, leaving you with no real reason to write your program, but still the lingering urge to do so.   But with so many program ideas floating around, it just seems a waste to write something that already exists.
-mouser (May 01, 2008, 06:52 PM)
--- End quote ---

Sorry to Zombify a thread, but I couldn't help noticing the tone - how about when the original developer abandons their pages and moves on? That original page is coming up 404. Looks like there are legacy copies floating around in bundles and download aggregators, but does that change anything about the urge to write these kinds of programs?

Be VERY CAREFUL with some of these older tools in Vista and above. I don't feel like elaborating more, but it's true. Check the last update time of any software you try. ESPECIALLY shell extensions that might get mapped into every process on your system. Can cause crashes in random processes. The link in the original post of this thread is broken, maybe due to its age.

I also agree with the last poster.. you speak of not reinventing the wheel, but for abandoned applications, it's all wide open.

Note 2 posts up is 3.5 years old.


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