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What XML editor do you use?

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I just edit in Editplus. I don't usually do much heavy XML stuff unless I'm doing it directly in code. And since I'm doing it in code, I know it very well and Editplus does the trick.

I suppose any decent text editor would work.

However, I don't ever deal with XML with serialized data inside... That would be a different story.

One more vote for notepad++

Thanks for your input. I've been poking around with a few tools, but not enough yet to provide even a basic thumbs up or down review. One tool is focused on using XPath. Until I can use it enough to feel comfortable recommending it, you may want to spend 10-15 minutes and view their flash demo and website.

For light stuff I use Notepad++, but for serious XML work Altova's XMLSpy is the heavy hitter.
A unique feature I like is the ability to graphically display the structure of xml schema (really handy when developing to a particular XML file type), and their Gridview gives a nice graphical display of raw xml data too.
If you do enough XML work to justify the purchase price, I'd highly recommend XMLSpy, although it's hardly a steal at €399 currently.


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