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What XML editor do you use?

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If money was no object, I would use oXygen as my XML editor. But at $300 I cannot justify purchasing it. I am curious what XML editors you folks use on the Windows platform.

Try this one:
XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft

Do some "google-ing" for the following (free) XML editors:
- PetersXMLeditor (freeware)
- xmlcopyeditor (
- XMLstudio (freeware and payware)
- EditiX XML (freeware and payware)

Now I'm not totally sure, but I believe that the 'Komodo Edit' application also had (quite) extensive XML support.

Never liked the speed from XML Notepad 2007, opening XML files is very slow compared with the editors above. YMMV though.

Personally I use Notepad++ - might not be so hot for heavy-duty editing, but whenever I do anything even remotely heavy-duty with XML, it's either import or export and thus machine-generated...

@ f0dder:
If you have to generate XSD's from XML's or vice versa, then you will appreciate the existence of these type of editors (especially when building an adapter for the Microsoft BizTalk server from the ground up).  :tellme:

But for casual/minor editing of XMl's, Notepad++ will do an excellent job  :)


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