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System Information Tool... im stuck...

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Codebyte,  no one is really giving you good programming help.  You might search CodeProject for some code.
-mouser (June 04, 2008, 07:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

True.  Sorry, but I am not a coder, though sometimes I pretend to be a scripter of sorts.  Just thought you may find a tool that would allow you to capture your intended information and your code would be geared more toward compiling it.  Just a thought...

I am not a coder either but was just trying to provide another tool to do a similar thing.


The other suggestions were all good, i wasn't knocking them -- just trying to address Codebyte's original question.

u guys rock! thanks alot! Im actually gonna try all of these out... I wanted to write a small app just for fun and get the experience in! I'll post later with the outcome! Thanks again!

Ofcourse we rock!!!  (see my hairdo?   ;D)


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