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fSekrit as open source ?

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fSekrit might be ok, if it were open source !

- i have hard time trusting non open source program my passwords, especially when it says passwords can be trusted
  eg. program could make sure people save passwords using it, them deliver over net to some bad guys
  1) i can't have 100% trust in program author 2) program could be hacked, program modified
- it would be more secure, if it were open source, multiple variants using different tricks
  "A skilled malicious person *could* theoretically snoop the key and use it to decrypt your data"
  unskilled malicious person *could* achieve same thing - with a help of some software...
  more versions, lower possibility of such universal software.

In fairness, even with an opensource app if you don't study the source code in detail and then personally compile your own versions they are no more trustworthy than distributed closed source binaries.

I guess in principle you could be right, but I would have no problem trusting f0dder's work. If there were any problems I'm sure they would've been reported a long time ago and that you wouldn't even see f0dder around here.

Since you're a new user, though, I understand well that you obviously don't know and trust the program author. But just do a search around the forum and look at f0dder's post and try to form your impression of his trustworthiness based on them ;)

Oh, and welcome to the site and the boards :up:

A firewall would prevent the program from connecting to the net, so that shouldn't be an issue.

fSekrit source will be opened eventually - I'm a bit too embarassed by the source right now ;), but once I've cleaned it up enough, we'll get there.


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