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Idea: Insert System Date From Context Menu

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This can't be done if by the term "global" you mean within all applications for many obvious reasons. The only solutions have been posted.

If you're referring to "global" in terms of Windows Explorer than the link to the "Simplest way to add a command to Explorer's Shell menu" post is the way to start.

Personally I would do this in vbscript to get/format the date then use the autoit com object for accessing the clipboard. Then I'd add into the Explorer context menu using Fast Explorer.

talk of coincidence! SirSmiley, i had just finished reading your article here and was thinking that this might be a good solution with an AHK script and i come here to see your post. 8)

• Running Scripts Directly from the Context Menu in Windows XP

 :) Have a look here:


Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
... You want me actually figure this out for myself?!  :-\ ... I need a solution from someone experienced who would deliver it to my doorstep!  That is why I am here.-Geminate (April 27, 2008, 01:44 AM)
--- End quote ---
You may have misunderstood the purpose of this forum and our users.

You don't just come here and request/demand rudely that someone 'deliver to your doorstep' anything!
Many members here have already pointed you to several solutions, and they all seem like viable options.

Please understand that they are trying their best to help you. Please be a little kinder to our members!

You can either:
1. Follow the few solutions mentioned above, and IF they do not work for you, please explain why! That would give us a better idea on how to assist you further.
2. If none of the above suit you, you can always pay for a custom solution.

:P not all things are free

another possibility - <a href="">Fast Explorer</a>

potentially more 'user friendly'


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