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title bar shortcuts

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Perry Mowbray:
mainly as some programs i use dont have menu's there just a title bar, would be handy to have a menu there so can load notepad or something else quickly
-Earthcoder (April 23, 2008, 05:13 AM)
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It's not what was originally asked for...but then again FileBoxExtender doesn't add icons to all windows (does it  :-\?)

KO Approach will let you set up specific folders and items that can be accessed from the title bar of an Explorer window:

I don't use KO Approach at the moment, but I when I did it was very handy. There are a couple of other useful plugins for use in Explorer as well.

Perry Mowbray:

Isn't this what Barnacle can achieve?

i tried Barnacle  but came up with cant find exe, so tried via autohotkey, and it could not find a rtf file

FileBox eXtender will only do it's tricks inside Explorer - in third party windows the only options are On Top and Roll Up.

The Barnacle version that I just have tried wouldn't extract script from exe. (?)

Because you want this feature in third party programs, I would guess it is impossible - though skrommel's Barnacle implies it can be done. My suggestion would be to get a launcher program (study this DC thread) with a auto-hiding toolbar at the edge of the screen. This way the links will never be too far away, though not at hand, but they will always be there.

You could also make a folder with the program shortcuts you want and dock it to the side of your screen.

There should be a title bar folder but there isn't.

Curt's suggestion for launchers is a good one.


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