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title bar shortcuts

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If I understand what you want, PowerPro can do it.  I have it set so that one or more buttons pop up on the title bar of particular windows.  Most of mine run window-specific scripts, but you could use them to launch programs.

If you get interested in PowerPro, make sure to look at the Yahoo! Groups.  There are two, a main group and a beginners' one.

Yes Powerpro can do it. That is one handy program.

Sure, PowerPro can do it, but ....
I (too) gave up understanding how to use this weirdo!
Take the advice and visit their userforum!!

PowerPro is great tool, worked well, But its a nightmare to setup, got massive headache and still trying to work it all out!

I just setup similar thing you were asking., It works great. Long live Powerpro


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