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IDEA: Plz Record the (X,Y) cordinates. 2 Versions Available

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I'm honestly still a bit confused about what it's useful for!
-cbbibleboy (July 01, 2008, 01:01 PM)
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If it's useful (or just fun ;)) for others, and entertaining for you, it's a great program!


My original use was to create math puzzles, like those in the back of high school maths text book.

Other applications:

Travel itineries - working out the best way to see the important all the things that you want to see, with the minimum travel distance.

Creating network diagrams  - suitable for work out best delivery routes for delivery jobs.

Building industry - useful for working out the amount of materials reuired (such as tiles, carpets, etc.)

Real estate/property development: Working out the total perimeter and area of various properties.

Plan drawing - drawing accurate plans for houses etc.

Copying items - tracing over identical items to create accurate duplicates (could be used in manufacturing)

And many more uses.


I've found a window snapscreen capture program done in Csharp. I tried to open the listing the you sent me for version 2, but it would not open. Would  you be able to send me the code listing for Version 3?



cbbibleboy, would it be possible to add one more feature of making a selected line visible or not visible?

I'm thinking of of right clicking on a selected line and setting it to the background colour from the right click mouse-menu.


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