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IDEA: Plz Record the (X,Y) cordinates. 2 Versions Available

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this is starting to look impressive.
i was skeptical of the idea of making such a program given that there are some existing ones already, but you're starting to get into the area where Coordinator could give these guys a run for their money.

you guys should check out the other tools i listed above and see what other kinds of features might be useful.


Once again I'm impressed with the newest version of coordinator. It's looking fanstastic. You have put quite a lot of work into the program. I really like the "move the origin feature". I've come across a few problems and have had some more ideas. I have attached a VB area calculator program from VB Planet that I was impressed with (I modified it a bit to add a save coord feature, OLE support, and copy to clipboard feature) and also a word document to outlining the probs. and some more ideas for our coordinator program. Both attachments are zipped.

The Minor Probs.

1.   Getting an exception fault “Index was out of range”  when clicking slightly off center (towards the negative x side?)
2.   The last point does not seem to join the original first point when enclosing a shape. I can only do it by using the move menu option after placing the    last point to a temporary position.

Some more ideas for improvements

1.   Perhaps use a “dragover” event to move an incorrectly placed point. Your Right mouse click menu is also quite good.

2.   Double clicking on the last point to stop joining the points & then clicking elsewhere to start a new set of joined points again.
   (The original points are still on the screen, and the points still keep on numbering)

   Or Right mouse clicking on the last point to get a menu “Start New Unjoined Point” option.

Also when restarting having the words End-Restart appear in the coordinates list (Useful for creating multiple closed shapes).

3.    Having OLE enabled in the coordinates textbox list, so one can also drag the list of coordinates directly into Wordpad/MSWord (another method    to save the points). See polygon area calculator program from Planet VB to see what I mean.

4.   Default start grid size = 30 px  ?

5.   Use a snap to grid size option of ½ of a square. See polygon area calculator program from Planet VB to see what I mean.

6.   Perhaps having an option to calculate the area of an enclosed shape? 
   See polygon area calculator program from Planet VB to see what I mean.
   To activate this function:
   Use Shift and right click on each of the lines enclosing the desired shape (the selected lines change to an active colour).
   Then click on an Icon to calculate the area.

7.   Perhaps also saving the coordinates to a separate 2 column listbox so that the X and Y coordinates can be placed into a spreadsheet.

Once again cbbibleboy, thanks for all your help, support and words of wisdom.

Justabeginner (and still learning)

that looks really good cbbibleboy and I'd love to try it, but after 4 attempts I can't get it to install (I enter some sort of net framework hell)

TSaint, you need to download the Net Framework Ver. 3.5 from .
The full version was 201 Mb in size.

Then the program will work.

Sounds good in theory but....
to install the coord program I need to install the net 3.5. To install the net 3.5 I need to install windows installer 3.1.
Now the WI3.1 has a rather endearing habit of semi-installing - it gets to the apparent end of the process and gleefully announces "Access denied" and then offers a partial rollback (I assume, as its parting words, after indicating it was removing setup files, are to the effect that WI3.1 has sortof been installed and might not work) BTW, I'm logged on with admin rights.
A reboot later (thanks for letting me know so I could save other stuff first) and I'm no better off - Net 3.5 still won't install. So the coords program won't install.
thanks for the advice anyway though.


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