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IDEA: Plz Record the (X,Y) cordinates. 2 Versions Available

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Just tried it -- that's pretty cool cbbibleboy -- the transparency effect and dynamic grid sizing is pretty nice.

Here's the Beta. Enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are very much welcomed--email is in the about dialog.  ;D

Hi cbbibleboy.

Thankyou for your great contribution. I had not been on donation coder for a while due to a family member getting sick (Sorry about not replying earlier as I was not on the Net much until today). I have tried out the first version of "coordinator.exe" and was quite impressed. I really like the simple design, the scaling and the opacity feature.

I had trouble running the beta version, as an error message was coming up saying that I need Net Framework Ver. 3.5. Hopefully I will find the upgrade on a PC magazine DVD which I had bought lately. I'm not sure if you had implemented a "save the coordinates feature", so I'm really hanging out to update my net framework to test out the latest version of the program.

I will try to get back to you soon to let give you some more feedback on the beta version.

Thanking you very much for your great help and also for the time that you had spent,

Justabeginner (till I learn some more)

PS.  Hopefully I'll be able get to your Email in the About Dialog when I've done the Net Framework update.

Here are a few more Ideas that I had, to improve the program.  I'm still really happy with the program so far. Thanks cbbibleboy.

Version!  I've added all suggested features plus a few more (minus print screen which already has a key on the keyboard). Enjoy!



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