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IDEA: Plz Record the (X,Y) cordinates. 2 Versions Available

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I have an idea for a program to record the coordinates of an adjustable grid to a text file. A transparent image could be loaded under the griid, so that important points could be recorded.

I wanted to have an adjustable grid setting.
I would also like to put in my own points in with right click of the mouse (and perhaps remove a point with a left click).

I've seen some code for a basic paint program, but I was stumped on how to record the (X,Y) position of a mouse into a textbox or text file.

The picture hopefully describes what I mean.

I have found this: Simple Image Mapping Utility   (seems interesting)


There are now two different versions available:

A Net version  (A real nice app with lots of features- shows and saves points, calculates distances, point can be moved)
Thanks cbbibleboy for all the great amount of effort that you have put into the project so far.

A Vb6 Version  (Not so professional - no points shown on screen, but can save to file or use OLE, calculates areas of enclosed shapes)

its a great idea but such programs exist. here are some:



I wanted to have an adjustable grid setting. I'm not sure if the above programs do that.

I would have also liked to put in my own points in with right click of the mouse, and perhaps remove a point with a left click.

I have searched the Planet VB Source site and have got some ideas for part of the code, as the program is similar to a basic paint program. I'm just a bit confused on how to record the coordinates to a text file, after the mouse has been clicked. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate your reply Mouser.

Thankyou for your input.

So I can better design the app, what is its purpose?

BTW I'm about halfway done with it now--what parameters would it need (e.g. variable grid size, variable opacity)?

Is this generally what you are describing (plus xy coordinates to text and a couple other options)?

See attachment...


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