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tv_out: a shortcut for quickly turning extended desktop on/off

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I've always kept the secondary monitor in the default position so I wasn't aware that tv_out was forcing it to be positioned to the right, but you're right, it does. It's by no means a planned feature. I'll check if there's some nice way to solve this by tweaking the AHK function I'm using.

This is great! Thank you!
Does the program return any error codes or have any command line options? I want to be able to tell if the second display is not on - and then run tv_out to turn it on if need be. I am trying to build the behavior such that my script always tries to turn the second display on, and never tries to turn the second display off.

Late reply but if you read this dlcarraw: glad that you liked it!  :)

tv_out v081001
v081001: ini option to only enable, never disable, second display


Great utility. Im glad I found it (and you wrote it!)

I noticed after I run the program and my desktop is extended, tv_out shows a blank dialog box w/ OK button. Anyone else see that? Is this a confirmation dialog? Is there a command line parameter to remove that? The extended desktop is all the confirmation I really need.


Nevermind, I edited the source to remove the msgbox and recompiled the script.


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