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tv_out: a shortcut for quickly turning extended desktop on/off

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tv_out creates a shortcut for quickly turning extended desktop on/off.
the shortcut icon changes to reflects the on/off state of the extended desktop.
download from this page:

I have tested tv_out on several different systems without any problems. Post some feedback if you encounter a bug.

good job, Nod5! i remember this feature being requested several times, not only in these forums but also in AHK's as well. :Thmbsup:

For some reason I wasn't expecting it to shut off my extended desktop when I clicked the exe to create the ini and shortcut. I wasn't too happy with all my windows moving over to my 1 desktop and having it shut off. Although that's exactly what would have happened anyway when I tested it, I just wasn't too happy for it to happen by default to "install" the shortcut and everything.

It's hard to describe. I'm complaining about something happening that I was going to do anyway, but the reason I didn't like it was because it happened before I felt like I "gave it permission" to happen.  :huh:

But I have to say it worked flawlessly.  :Thmbsup:

lanux: I've done this with a script that navigates the GUI for some time but have since then been on the lookout for some cleaner way. And now a working function was posted to the autohotkey forum. I only had to intersect that into my previous code and voila. The autohotkey forum is a great place BTW - it has code snippets for doing almost anything. :Thmbsup:

Deozaan: Glad that it works. Good call about it running immediately after setup. I updated tv_out accordingly:
v080418: running tv_out.exe directly (=setup) does not toggle extended desktop on/off, only desktop shortcut does that (thanks Deozaan)
080419: fixed a small variable error from 080418

I have a script that enables my 2nd monitor and sets it to a particular vertical offset to match the physical arangement of the screens on my desk. It's a total hack based on simulating mouse clicks & drags (although watching the mouse pointer move that 2nd screen into position every time always makes me smile, and think about how many months I spent doin it by hand.)

I never bothered adding the ability to disable the 2nd monitor because it seemed like too much effort for the return on investment, since that only takes two clicks anyway.

I'll have to take a look at the code and see if I can adapt it to use screen offsets. THANKS!

BTW - I didn't seem to get the ICL in my copy of the zip file. Should it be in there?


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