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W's RegCode/Serial Code Manager ver. 0.01 Released!

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Hey,  I just created an application to manage your registration codes. (from all the software products you own)  It's in a rudimentary form but it, and more information can be found at

This application allows you to enter/delete, view, print, and in near future, search for registration codes.  In essence it is a stand-alone way of interacting with a Access database.  Since I'm an MIS student for of the features will be added as I learn VB and as I find a moment.  Please feel free to make suggestions here or send them to me at [email protected].

It was written to solve a problem I had of managing all the regcodes that I have accumulated and print them out.

nothing on that page.

whoops.  forgot to add the folder.

should work now


Installed OK

One would have thought that a password entry to the program would have been the first priority to any such application.

Otherwise looks ok

A feature for the future would be the ability to copy via a click to the clipboard

Take a gander at pd-base



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