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TodoTXT - discontinued

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I have no idea :) it is because of py2exe... I actualy dont know python, but I have found one can use __file__ to get path of the file but it works only as file.. when I tried the same with todo.exe there was an error that __file__ doesnt exist :(

are there any examples of what you can do with this plugin? I uses nonstandard installation,even my system is on drive E: at the moment. I will wait until drive issue adressed (I am hoping that you will find time do it :))

An example is here:

Well, what I am working on now is rewriting into todo.js :) I am on 300th line out of 1000 lines :) But it takes some time...  So I do not want to bother making work ;)

thanks czechboy, very helpful demonstration.

At the moment I am using Farr addnote.txt to append text files, but this oen seems more robust with more features

it would be nice if will work too, it give a good overview of what your project is doing.


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