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Quick plugin question

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On a related note i am having trouble getting another alias to work. I am trying to create an alias to emulate typing C:\ and then being able to filter results as i continue to type. For example my alias name is  "Browse" with the result being "Browse C Drive | dosearch C:\".

My aim is to be able to start typing Brow.. then hit <tab> and than it should show all folders in my C: drive at which point i could start typing Progr... and it would filter to Program Files and i could hit enter to open that folder. However after i hit tab to autocomplete the alias and it returns all the folders but when i continue typing to filter the results it doesnt work.

Any ideas?

you need to use a regular expression just as the ld example above, so the regular expression would be
Browse (.*)
and the result would be
Browse C Drive | dosearch C:\ $$1

Thx i knew i was 8) close

loc -ld -Rn -p

These parameters will let you successfully browse any drive you want, jst add the drive as in c:\. I just created special alias for this and works beautifully, you can even browse folders inside farr by using arrow keys


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