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Zaine at BetaNews? Open Office Comment

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Carol Haynes:
I have to confess I got very confused on their website?

At one point I was found a comparison chart between different versions of the Office apps with varying functions depending on price. When I tried to find it again I couldn't ???

The only place I can find any reference to 'free for home use' is when you click on 'Download a Trial Version'. Under pricing its says from $39.95, but nothing about free to home users. There is 'special pricing' for educational and non-profit users.

My problem is that I purchased OfficeXP (and Office 2000 before that) which I use daily and it obviously does everything that I need (and a lot more). It seems a bit daft to download a free office suite (actually this is really just WP and Spreadsheet) when MS Office is already installed - even if it does load quicker  :tellme:

Actually I have the latest version of StarOffice 8 installed (they gave me a free copy so it felt churlish not to accept!), and it is very nice. But again when I swap documents with people it is always Office format, so it makes sense to use MS Office (even though Star Office prodcues compatible files). AS a result Start Office uses up some disc space and rarely gets used!

Oh well I'll stop rambling now ...

I have to confess I got very confused on their website?

Oh well I'll stop rambling now ...
-CarolHaynes (October 22, 2005, 06:35 PM)
--- End quote ---

The website is confusing. Your rambling makes more sense than most peoples attempts at logic.
Carry on ...


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