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Offline Computing :The End

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It's about time i have brought some question in front you to discuss.So here goes the discussion.

My question this time is How long Offline computing will survive?
Let me start with Why offline computing exist:We don't want our computers to stay online get slammed frm virus,DOS attacks.We can't let our sensitive data to be acceses thru internet like rat-lab reports etc.We don't want to share our personal information online.There may be other reasons as well.

I personally use computers thru cybercafe.Internet is not yet cheap in asian countries.In india you have to pay 20 bucks per hour (50 cents in USA ).Monthly broadband plans are based on volumes of data download like 1GB for 600bucks and son on.Unlimited plans have very few bandwidth at about 64kbps-256kbps at higher costs.(This is all marketting strategy to keep the people in technolgical dark area to earn profit,this is another issue).So i know the advantages and disadvantages of staying offline.

Online Software :There are plenty of softwares requires you to be online in order to register/update/ or even start software.There are very few softwares left which can work without internet connection.In my use i have photoshop,corel,flash and some other notable which are left that can be used offline.I have came to know Adobe made Photoshop express web interface that allows photographers to manipulate photos online.So next version might be only avialble online or certain features will require us to saty online.Google docs took office computing to the next level now you can create office documents in cyber cafe or another computer that is connected to internet without paying dime for software.

Even Windows license key is either to be entered thru web interface or phone.Microsoft even limiting the options of offline installation by removing individual ISO download for VIsual Studio 2008 (Now you can either download entire DVD ISO and then install individual component (VB,C#) or install individual software thru web install feature) Same is the case with Borland & other software companies.

Times moving is the internet.What do you think next update in technology will force us to stay online ,garbage out offline sofftware or anything else?

I have came to know Adobe made Photoshop express web interface that allows photographers to manipulate photos online.
--- End quote ---
Nah, we won't see this for quite some years to come... the online version isn't really photoshop, imho, all it has is a bundle of their filters. Something as heavy-duty use as photoshop (full featured) is impossible to move to a web-app for the foreseeable future.

There is a tremendous need for offline applications for third world countries. Where there is no online service within reason. All the doctors need them. Of course they need the computers as well.

In the health industry there is always a way to get used computers to those who need them the most.

The programs needed are not as hard to get as the computers and especially online service.

Heard this from the county health director in my area.

For instance, the African Nations are in much disarray, yet there are doctors there who would benefit from a computer with programs, even basic word processing suites.

Virtually all my programs can be, and are, used offline. My line goes down quite often so I could not consider working purely on line. I don't see everything being online as feasible until there is fibre to every home & office (or wireless equivalent). And I don't see that happening any time soon or not so soon.

to me offline computing usually equates enduser control. As soon as computing is online, endusers potentially loose control (at least partially) of : 1-performance, 2-data and privacy, 3-flexibility, 4-software features/familiarity, . This is why I stick to offline stuff as much as possible, even if in the future more online computing is unavoidable.

PS : and IMO offline computing will ever die. To think that it would die would be a bit like saying that because you start interacting with other people, you completely stop spending time on your own.


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