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Confirmed: UAC designed to annoy us!

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My new Vista notebook popped up so many in the first hour I had it running, I stopped everything until I found the setting and turned UAC off. Annoying is putting it mildly!

I don't see how anyone could eventually overlook those intrusions. Aaarrgghh...


And you see, that is the problem with most users. They get so annoyed with the feature "Out of the box" that they fail to realize those dialogs are minimal when you have been operating the computer for over a week (the post-install new software/initial setup phase). I for one have no problems with UAC. I leave it running and it has saved me on many accounts with my wife and daughter. It can be a bit tedious at times, very seldom, when it comes to deleting files in the root folder or program files folder, but that is when I write software makers for not having a proper uninstaller or installing to C:\.

Maybe, but I'm the only user of the PC and have no tolerance for such nonsense!


I'm forcing myself to keep it enabled as I'm giving the full Vista "experience" a go (I am sympathetic to MS having to do something after the horrors of XP "security"). But it remains annoying even after a couple of weeks. And coming from the hacker "Its my PC" school, I get hugely annoyed when it decides I can't manually set up my Accessories folder to keep my utilities in my Program Files directory. Weirdly though, it initially allowed me to put stuff there with no problems, only later did it decide to keep popping up requesters and deciding I'm not allowed in there. I can't be the only person who finds weird inconsistencies in what UAC considers off-bounds and when.

Carol: thank you! Valium and a stiff drink are exactly the best additions I've yet found for Vista  8)

I don't run Vista, but I have to ask... are you folks who are seeing so many of these popups running as Administrator?

Because isn't that supposed to be the point? To break people of the "habit" of running in Adminstrator mode, and breaking developers of the habit of assuming their apps will run in Administrator mode?


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