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Confirmed: UAC designed to annoy us!

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Carol Haynes:
When you install Vista you create a 'user' account during setup for yourself. Even though MS don't want you to run as a member of the Adminstrator group they still make your user part of the Administrator group - hence you only have to click OK when UAC arises.

It would make some sense if they actually made 'users' part of the 'users' group and forced you to enter an admin password every time UAC pops up but they don't.

UAC is a half baked, half arsed, half solution.

Its all very well saying that software writers should write for Vista but given the number of people writing software who are probably not even totally aware yet of the differences with Vista (because the geek end of the market are the ones who haven't upgraded) it seems unreasonable to expect all software writers to sort that out instantly.

OK the bigger software houses have to be aware of the issue - but in reality they will still expect admin priviledges when required and the UAC will pop up randomly as a result just making users immune to the prompt.

UAC is a half baked, half arsed, half solution.
-Carol Haynes (April 13, 2008, 11:06 AM)
--- End quote ---
Not half!

Remember that there is TweakUAC: all the benefits of Vista's new security model and no hassle :)

While on the topic of Vista usage, if I may go off-topic for a moment:  Has anyone tried TweakVI, either the free or Pro (paid) version? I was just searching for the equivalent of the TwealUI powertoy for XP and I see instead a lot of search results for this TweakVI, including the fact that it is a utility download at PC World.

Is it relatively safe?



Carol Haynes:
Unfortunaly MS haven't produced TweakUI for Vista (why would they  .... it's not like it hasn't been popular in previous versions!).

TweakVI was a third party repsonse. I haven't tried it so I can't comment on its safety.

I haven't looked but Ashampoo usually have good tweaking software (not free but usually cheap). I used previous versions of Ashampoos software but haven't used it in a while so I don't know if their latest release supports Vista.


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