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IDEA: Flyout when mouse over or on left click

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Hope I can explain this.
At work, I deal with a LOT of info. I need quick access to phone numbers, radio numbers, and all sorts of other things. My wall is covered with sheets of paper with this information.
I am looking for something where I can customize either an icon, a dot, a square or whatever I choose it to be and when the mouse goes over it for at least a second or on left click, it would show a flyout with the data that I need.
For example, if I'm looking for a phone number, I move my mouse over "x" icon and a flyout pops up with all the phone numbers I put in it. It could have tables or not. It could have color or not. Similar to a sticky note or a post it note, but expandable to be as big as it needs to hold the data inside. It would dynamically increase in size depending on the data it contains.

Thank you for your time!!! :-*

I think this would be useful, but I have no idea how to go about it.

I don't have the full answer... but it does sound like something one of the widget engines would be suitable for.

I remember trying AveDesk some time ago (when version 1.3 came out) and I think it could do this sort of thing without too much fiddling.

Other widget engines might include those by...


dunno what you're usage/requirements are (at least as far as data formats go) but this sounds like something you could pretty easily do in HTML

has the advantage of being portable (any browser), and easy to edit (plain text!)

could take some setting up (you will have to enter the data) but it's likely that a template could be setup to ease the task


Now that's a much better idea...

Use active desktop (or whatever it is now called) to embed an html page onto the desktop.

How about using something javascript-y like an accordion to show the relevant section?


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