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Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 released for free


Ashampoo have released the full version of their Burning studio 6 (version 6.61) for free:


Apparently version 6 lacks the ability to burn DVD Video, bootable CDs, and multi-session CDs  which is in Version 7.  Strange thing is, they are still selling version 6 for $20; maybe they haven't gotten the website fully updated.

Don't know much about ver 6 but ver 7 is great. I switched to Ashampoo after moving to Vista. Nero was not compatible at the time. Now I prefer Ashampoo BS7 to my Nero 6.

thanks for the heads-up, mwb1100! :Thmbsup: Ashampoo looks like a nice alternative to Nero's bloat-ware.

I really like the ashampoo burning software, had it since v4, bought several copies over time.

It does everything i need (all right my needs are simple, burn files, burn isos, make an iso, burn the same thing 5 times etc.), is clean, and the "easy" mode really makes it easy for people who arent too confident.

Get a license if only to give it to your parents  ;)

There's a similar deal out there for their photocommander (last version), I'll see if I can find the link. Although if you register on the site then find the newsletters tab you can find all the deals from the past few months, and many stay active way after the official date.


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