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HowTo EASILY create image backup?

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To f0dder:

Are you sure? I thought the XML contains just pointers to a real bitmap image of the disk! If you're right it's no disk image then. In fact so far I didn't need to restore the complete disk (luckily), just parts of damaged folders, and everything worked as expected.

If you look at the XML files generated by DI XML, you'll see that it includes file and folder information. But it also does seem to keep the files fragmented etc... I don't know if the file/folder names and information is just to be able to browse the backup files "offline", or if it's because the image file isn't actually a 1:1 image of the partition you're backing up: backing up my 4GB source partition results in a 1.9GB image file, without compression - so it obviously only backs up used parts, I don't know if this includes filesystem metadata information or not.

A RAW backup in DI XML, on the other hand, generates an image file the same size as the partition, and a much smaller .xml file without all the per-file information.

A RAW backup in DI XML, on the other hand, generates an image file the same size as the partition, ...-f0dder (April 08, 2008, 08:49 AM)
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"same size"... hmm... "same size as the partition", not "as the content" ? What then: can I not create an RAW image of a 160 GB harddrive on a 120 GB USB harddrive, even though the content is taking up less than 100GB ?  :tellme:

Curt: indeed, a RAW dump is a RAW dump. Same size as partition, not content.

That's why you do a non-raw dump, and only get the actual content size... this should be just fine, unless you have some very special needs.

First I must remind you that I really am a total IT-illiteral. And because of this (yes, I am aware of it: the blame is on me, not on Bill Gates), my XP is getting more and more sick by the minute, so to speak, at least 'by the month'. So now I really need you to guide me to the easiest way to create an image of my harddisk, to USB harddrive. Gratis, not compressing, and not commandline, please. Something like: install and open image making program > click "create image now" > backup this drive (ALL of it) > from here to there, > options: make short but understable log ("don't ask any questions during backup process, but tell me about it next time"), and close pc when done > Start".

What program to get&use, please?  :tellme:

Oh, I forgot a very important detail: program must fully support Unicode!
-Curt (April 07, 2008, 02:24 AM)
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You can use the evaluation version of Drive Snapshot, for 30 days you will be able to image your drive and I think afterwards you can still read the image, but not make any more backups.


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