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Karenware Version Browser updated


Just a little info on one of Karen Kenworthy's oldest programs, PTBrowser, aka Version Browser.

I have had a copy for quite some years, last update was 2001 (!!), and was sad it didn't support "Send To...".  So I wrote Karen and congratulated her for recovering from her long and serious illness, and requested the feature. Her answer came today: Version Browser 4.0 BETA.

You make a good point.  I've spent the last few days reworking the Version Browser, and along the way included your suggestion.  The program doesn't currently make the shortcut in the SendTo folder. But if you place one there it will respond correctly.  If you'd like to give this new version a try, you can download its installer using this link:

Be sure the shortcut's command line looks something like this:

    "<location where PTBrowse.exe is installed>\PTBrowse.exe" "%1"

Where <location where PTBrowse.exe is installed> is the path where the PTBrowse.exe file can be found. The quotation marks are important.-email from Karen Kenworthy
--- End quote ---

Karen's site was appointed Site of the Month, December 2007, by DonationCoder!  :up:

First remove old version before installing new, but from now on you can install on top.

Edit: Link added

what is version browser? I cannot find much info about it?



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