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suggestion: open plugins folder


I'd like to see an Open Plugins Folder button in the options -> plugins screen. I'm using Vista and I have loads of plugins installed under C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins but FARR doesn't find any plugins, and I cannot find out where FARR is looking for plugins.

I wanted something like this as well [1] -- as a work-around I made an alias "pluginaliases" that gives various options:

pluginaliases1000>>>pluginaliases>->Open Plugins Folder | explorer.exe %FARRDIR%\Plugins>n>List Plugins | restartsearch aplugins>n>Reload Plugins | restartsearch goreload

I have a hotkey that brings up FARR and sets the text to "pluginaliases".

Admittedly, this may not help in locating the specific folder under which FARR is looking for Plugins...

[1] I'd also like an alias for bringing up the Plugin Manager dialog -- may be there is one and I just haven't found it :)


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