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Drafting/Architectural Software?

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Interesting, KamyKaze. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.  :up:

I'm an ancient autocad user who agrees that the shift to Revit (almost $8K list I believe) is inevitable in the professional world.

For simple 2D work there are actually some good alternatives - though without the double-wall capabilities etc.
QCad - very low cost, limited compared to ACad
OpenOffice Draw - quite capable indeed though not really aimed at the building world - free

Sorry I don't have a good answer, but I'd like to echo the same question.

For my purposes, general-purpose CAD programs don't meet the need at all. The thing about 3DHA and its ilk is that it's optimized for houses. It understands how doors work, what walls are really used for, the normal thickness and height of walls, etc. Doing all of that manually as an abstract drawing in a CAD program would be like root canal, at least for a non-pro like me.

It's funny how some genres of software are under-served. I mean, competition for Office apps, database servers, web browsers, etc.; even other graphical apps like photo processing, is absolutely cutthroat. The publishers do everything they can think for usability, new features, etc. (although these aren't always successful).

But some types of applications just languish, and these home improvement programs must be at the top of that list. I hope this doesn't drag the thread off on a tangent, but I note that the most surprising member of this list (because its market is huge) is home finance. Both Quicken and MS Money continue to be revised, but they haven't had a meaningful improvement (IMHO) in over a decade. They just add a pretty facade and online partnerships that only benefit the publisher, not the consumer.

Ashampoo are launching a 3D CAD program,
normal price advertised as $80, introduction offer $40

Watch the nice video from

Ashampoo® 3D CAD Architecture

Design family homes, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, or just a simple apartment; interactively, in a realistic 3D world. All views and windows are updated synchronously, regardless of whether you are planning in the 3D-window, a 2D plan or a cross section view.

Win2K, XP, Vista
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