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How many people work from home?

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I've been self-employed for the last 19 years and have mostly been working from home. First writing software for others, now writing software for myself, and I love it.  :)

I do work from home and I work for an employer.

I "work" from home, in that I am writing up my PhD right now and can't be bothered to go into my office on campus every day, when I have mostly everything I need at home.  However, I keep applying for temp jobs, because eventually sitting at home all by myself every day makes me a bit crazy...but I do keep in touch with other PhD writers via an online forum which is pretty active, so even though there isn't really anyone here, I talk to people online and make pacts to get things done, keep tabs on what other people are up to, and so on.

I'd love to start a decent freelance business someday, though.  Editing and/or copywriting would be nice.

Well it seems I might get to consider getting clients again, since i just found out my company cant afford to keep me on. Cant blame them and i'll be all right, but have to ask do i really want to work for someone else again or go back to my company.

I always have too many ideas and projects anyway

I work all the time from everywhere  :(  Basically I freelance for one big corporate client at a time, and have side work that I'm building up... it's hard though.  But I look at people that have done it, and it gives me the inspiration to keep trying!  :Thmbsup:


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