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Linspire Inc. (Rant) [Explicit Language]

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Larry Kettler, CEO

Michael Robertson, owner (pa/agent is camille wood)

of course if like many executives they do regular vanity search they might find this on their own

Last night, I still couldn't log in -- receiving the same "Oh so busy" message, so I shot off a couple more messages to support.  I didn't bother with niceties as they seem not to respond well to that -- and received yet another assurance from support that my e-mail address was removed from all lists.  This response was much faster than previous responses, a fact I credit to use of every socially unacceptable word in my vocabulary, and perhaps will be my golden ticket to life without Linspire spam.  Only time will tell.

If I do get another message, it will be extremely tempting to forward it on one hundred times each to every linspire address I can find.  Though becoming a spammer isn't high on my priority list . . .

Your advice is very sound, iphigenie, and I really would like to try it. But after 3 or so years of this I don't think I have the patience to be civil -- and I no longer have any clear objective, other than to make them stop e-mailing me.  It has all become very irate, irrational, stupid -- a fued over an e-mail address. :)

Carol Haynes:
You won't be a spammer - they are soliciting that respinse by their actions!

You waited 3 years???????????????


it might be a good idea next time you receive an email to look through the full headers to check if they are sending it to the address you think they are.


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