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Recommendation please: web wireframe "sketcher"

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Check out DENIM:

Free, Java-based, and does exactly what you aksed for in your first post. They talk a lot about pen input, but it works just fine with a mouse too.

DENIM is... a pen-based sketching tool for designing user interfaces... combines many of the benefits of paper-based sketching with existing electronic prototyping tools. It allows designers to quickly sketch an interface using an electronic pad and stylus... preserves the important properties of pencil and paper: a rough drawing can be produced quickly and the medium is flexible. However, unlike a paper sketch, this electronic sketch is interactive and can easily be annotated and modified... 
--- End quote ---

I remember denim, i checked it out years ago, nice to know its still around

Mockup screens looks clever!

Must check both out :)

I've used Adobe Fireworks to create digital mockups in the past (very time consuming but you can save symbols in a reusable library), and also Visio (but it's too general a tool so don't get the results quick enough).
Mockup screens look really promising but it crashed on me already within 15 minutes of use. (vista) Also I could imagine a more polished program although I could live with that.

Are there any other programs like it? I know Denim which is java used but the interface of that was even quirkier (when i used it 4 years back). We'd definately have budget for the best tool, so I'd like to hear your recommendations.


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