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Recommendation please: web wireframe "sketcher"

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This one if for work - we're looking for a tool that makes it easy for normal people to put in drawing what they have in mind, beyond the scribble-on-paper approach.

Of course this can be done in tools like fireworks, visio etc. but these are expensive and not necessarily that accessible to the average sales person or writer.

So I wonder if someone here uses a simpler tool to sketch user interfaces that could be use to create some simple web wireframes

What it needs to do
- usable by non technical people who are familiar with pc software
- very simple drag-and-drop way to sketch what a webpage, section, newsletter can be
- have elements for boxes, forms fields and buttons
- be cheap (or free) - we cannot affort the $199 some of the diagramming tools are, not for the purpose of this

What it doesnt need to do
- it doesnt need to be a web tool (no generation of html etc. needed)
- it doesnt need to be cut up or exported (it is mostly a briefing/communication tool so printouts would be enough)
- it doesnt need to deal with photos/graphics elements

I'm sure there are tools out there that might not be meant for this but perfectly adequate for the purpose -  - maybe a free IDE that has a nice drawing mode, or a shareware diagramming tool that has web page elements, or maybe one of the online website or diagram generators that could be used for it.


Carol Haynes:
Have you tried ?

not in a long time, i'll check it out today

we'd probably have to create the "web form" and "web button" shapes I suspect, but that's not that complicated

Mockup Screens is on my list. I played with the demo/trial and liked it. If I was going to do screen prototypes I would use that tool.

Recommendation please: web wireframe "sketcher"

But how about Xara Xtreme? You would only require the standard version @ $89.

Although it is overly powerful for what you need, but I whole heartedly reccommend it because of the ease of use. It is far simpler than any other vector / layout package that I have used, but can produce amaizing results. I use it all the time for websites, posters, forms and 90% of my desktop publishing.

Take a look at some of their demo videos.


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