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Memory Address Space

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That one doesn't cut it either, it's just normal memory usage statistics...

What Cuffy wants, if I'm not mistaken, is a map of the physical memory address space and/or a map of process address space... not just showing how much memory is used/free, but showing "this chunk is free, this chunk is allocated, this chunk is memory-mapped to a hardware device" etc.

Hey guys, thanks for the input. These tools impressed me but I'm wondering if the young lady that sprung for 4GB mem but only got credit for 3GB in properties will even pause long enough to digest what they are looking at??
I'll present the apps to the masses and see what kind of response they get? It may be that the question can be answered as easliy as the one "hey dad, where did I come from?" posed by the eight year old. Cleveland, you came from Cleveland, now go play! ;)
And Fodder, you're right! That block diagram or map I saw is the KISS answer and it's still available at Wiki, I'm sure.
I'll look again and in the meantime I'll fend off the wolves by feeding them the apps that Stoic Joker and cmpm turned up.
Thanks again guys!

Btw., prior to service pack 1, XP would let you access 4 gigabytes of physical memory - after that, it was reduced to 4 gigabytes of address space. Microsoft claims it's because of compatibility, but I think marketing (the server versions...) had a finger in the play as well.

There isn't really any problem with even more than 4 gigs of memory on 32bit OSes, and XP supports PAE, you still only get 2 gigabytes (or 3, with a boot.ini switch and specially flagged applications) per-application, though.

I'm here to tell you we both have to learn to use the KISS answers, which in this case, "you came from Cleveland" would have worked as well as the info above that I posted in reply to the question "where did my 4GB of ram go"?
As near as I can tell there has been nary a nibble on the valuable info we gathered and posted.
I've come to the conclusion that facts are boring! People want answers with some excitement and "from Cleveland" is about as exciting as it gets. If you have ever been to Cleveland you know that being "from Cleveland", farrrrr from Cleveland, really makes your day!
Thanks again everybody.......... I'll be in touch!


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