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Anyone know of a Postal Mail Checker?

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Great tip indeed!

from lifehacker today:

web based tracking for multiple providers

I'm a Lifehacker reader and love it.. so I would have come across this, had I not neglected reading the latest entries on there!! Thanks a ton for the heads-up, Mouser. I just got done installing my brand new bamboo drapes that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond today. Took about 3 hours to install those suckers! It was hard work, but now it's done and looks beautiful. I didn't have any drapes before this.. and when the sun shone in the morning it shone directly on me and cooked me in my bed until I awoke feeling as if I had just come out of a sauna... not that great a way of getting up. Well, sorry for the OT bit, but this had to be shared :)

Again, thanks for the heads up.

You're not alone in your desire! I'd kill for an app like this. A little package tracker that automatically updated itself & possibly lived down in the system tray.

We do a lot of business & shopping on the internet and one little program that kept track of all the tracking numbers & the travel progress of the packages would indeed be a killer app.

I know.. wouldn't it. And it's so simple too! I can't believe nobody has thought of making this type of thing yet, especially given the incredible amount of software out there... let's keep this thread alive and see what we can find in the future. I will report back once I have a chance to test I currently have no packages to track, but perhaps you could give it a shot and post about how it performs?



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