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PowerDesk Pro v6 very very cheap.

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PowerDesk Pro v7 has been released and version 6 is available for less than $10

If  you use discount code AFFPD7 when ordering you will get a US$10 discount. Final price is $0. No credit card details are required and the license details are supplied immediately.

I do not know how long this will last.


it looks like "discount does not exists"

It is still working for me- for version 6


Directory Opus is better IMO.

I used PDP for years and years and just jumped ship...
Maybe v7 is better?

I can confirm that this works. v6.0.4.2 - 33.78MB download for $0.0

Have to refuse their blandishments to upgrade the purchase cheaply to v7 though.

PS - I don't think there is any question that Directory Opus is better and worth the money (even if v7 of Powerdesk were better).


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