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Upgrading Video and Power Supply on an Dell XPS 400

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Also, Dell have started to use BTX in a bunch of computers - that's quite a different layout (motherboard as well as case) than standard ATX, and I believe the PSU is also different. But you should be able to buy aftermarket BTX PSUs... dunno if Dell does more customization than that?

Btw, I have a GF8800GT/512meg, 2 x 74gig 10.000rpm raptor drives, a quadcore Q6600 overclocked to 3GHz, and 8 gigs of ram... and my system totals at ~210W under load. You might not actually need more than a 350W PSU after all, as long as it works stable under load :)

Carol Haynes:
Personally I think it is madness on Dell's part but presumably it provides good evidence of warranty invalidation if you fry your mobo with an ATX PSU and acts as a real disincentive to tinker !!

Josh, perhaps this may be of your interest.

Awesome! Thanks!!!

Just a note that 25 days out of warranty, the PSU on this unit finally failed. Just ordered the one lashiec recommended. Thanks again lashiec :)


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