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Upgrading Video and Power Supply on an Dell XPS 400

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I have a question. I was just on the phone with a dell support representative and he advised me that if I wanted to upgrade the power supply to a 3rd party supply (Dell doesnt offer one that supports the GeForce 8800), I wouldnt be able to as dell didnt offer a model that supported my system. He also advised that third party supplies would not work with the dell system. Does anyone know if this statement holds water or if I can in fact upgrade my 350W power supply to support a higher end graphics card?

Reading between the lines, it sounds like what he is really saying is that you'll void any warranty that remains on your computer.

I already told him that my warranty expires in a month and I didnt care to extend it.

Sounds like bunk to me, then... It's not like Dell uses proprietary MB's and components (is it?!).

Dell does use proprietary connectors on some of their computers.  After market power supplies will not work with these units.  I'm not sure about voltage requirements or if you could make your own pigtail to get around this problem but I suspect they've got you cornered.


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