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ASP Members/Posters, Come Out of the Woodwork!

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Ok, so I'm going through the ASP NGs when I see this post in a thread that I'm reading and I take a double-take.

[email protected]

The from column cuts off the rest, but I think to myself, "Sounds familiar..." At the end I read a name I recognize, then come back here to check. Sure as guns, it's Veign.

So, is anyone else in the ASP here or post in any of their public forums?

Just curious. It's a small world.

@Veign, I'll likely contact you in a few months about your PAD post there. ;)


I kind of asked about this earlier.

I joined for a year to see what it was all about but didn't feel like i could afford to stay permanently.

@Veign, I'll likely contact you in a few months about your PAD post there. ;)


-Renegade (March 30, 2008, 06:49 AM)
--- End quote ---

Anytime.  I run a very large PAD Database repository at and even wrote my own custom PAD Processing class (PHP).

You'd be surprised at how far the members of this forum reach.

(also, I'm not a member of the ASP just watch their public newgroups because of my interest in the PAD spec)


So, did you join? I posted in that thread, but didn't see anything about what you'd decided on.


I'm a bit surprised there. I find it's a pretty darn good value. There's stuff in the NGs there that you would NEVER see posted publicly in a forum like this that anyone can read. The membership is filtered and checked out, so Stephen Huff isn't in there. ;)

Can I ask why you didn't find it worth renewing?


If you're interested, there's a lot more stuff about PAD in the private groups (asp.committee.pad_spec). At the moment the next PADGen beta is available. It's a fantastic improvement over the existing one.

I'm hoping to get time to create a download site (not a PADkit one) and get some extra value in there unlike all the PADkit clones. Not sure if I'll have time as it's a big job. I'll talk to you though when I've got it going. (First I've got another project centered around PAD that I'd like to get done -- hopefully in May.)


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