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ASP Members/Posters, Come Out of the Woodwork!

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So, did you join? I posted in that thread, but didn't see anything about what you'd decided on.
-Renegade (March 30, 2008, 08:57 PM)
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My partner and I decided it is too early for use to benefit from a membership. We will join in a year or so. We are just getting off the ground and have plenty to do that is straight forward.

ASP seems like a really good resource for anyone in the shareware business, and the historical documents were well worth joining initially for me.

But while I think the shareware community is a great thing and deserves support, I don't feel like I quite fit into it, and actually DC is my one real community online, so I guess I just figured I'll focus all my energy here.

i joined last november. It's quite useful, but newsgroup members post way too much information. Hey, it's only $100, and the way the dollar is nowadays, that's peanuts :)

it's funny to see that many ASP members don't have a clue about programming, or at least that's the way it comes across. But then again good programmers and good businessmen don't necessarily mix!

There are quite a few people that only do marketing or sales in the ASP, and some of them know zero about programming.

If you want real gear heads and geeks, check the .technical newsgroup in there.

I actually just renewed my membership this morning as a supporting member.


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