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What's the current 'killer app'?

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There are some applications (Scrivener, Textmate, Tinderbox) that keep me seriouosly considering moving from Windows to MacOS.

Several years ago when they talked of ''Killer Apps" it meant new software that was so desirable that you were forced to upgrade your system because you couldn't live without that software.  I don't know of any program out there right now that would fit that description. 
-oldfart (March 30, 2008, 09:35 AM)
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I think being forced back to my old WinME machine has shown me what would be the 'killer apps' in my case:

Windows Live Writer (blogging without it is quite frustrating)
Post-it Software Notes (I am so lost without this, that I can't even remember my name)
AOL Explorer (nicest browser I have ever had the pleasure to use, and part of what fuels my resistance to Vista)
Surfulator (a digital packrat's best friend, when it comes to saving info)
Ad Muncher (being forced to see all the ads again, has given me a greater appreciation for this gem)
Open Pandora (I miss my fav station!)
Newzie (best RSS reader I have ever tried)

...and Pop-Up Cody!

And while I am stuck on this WinME machine, I am developing a greater appreciation for Process Explorer, which grows with each day. (the shortcut has been moved from 'system tools' up to the 'vital necessities' toolbar, right next to 'reboot')

Programs like Excel, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and a select group of others have been around so long that we take them for granted, but many thousands of people around the world depend on these programs for making their living, every single day.  I think that qualifies them as "killer apps".

Well.. For work, it certainly is Eclipse, i still haven't seen an IDE that compares to it.
For general purpose, the 2 apps i miss the most when i don't have them are FARR(i can't launch programs if i close FARR) and Opera (my web browsing slows down by like 20x if i have to use any other browser).

cranioscopical made me think that now the killer app is not just the browser, but the apps we can get from it. Think about what the killer app is that's taken us as far as we've gone — because people don't buy operating systems, they buy applications as tamasd notes. The killer app that has driven this model is the internet itself. (Okay, so "the internet" is not an app, but the browser is right up there.)

When you get a collaborative application — which is the internet where that collaboration is essential to the value of the network — then in order for all the players on that network to play fair with each other it has to be open source technology, the kind that jgpaiva uses with the Eclipse IDE. The key is preventing any company from owning a protocol on the internet, because if that were to happen, then the internet will fail. It would be all over in a flash. The bulk of its value will disappear by virtue of corporate restriction and fees for various types of controlled access beyond what we suffer now.
Otherwise, I'm choosing the XYplorer File Manager as my killer/can't-start-the-day-without app.


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