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What's the current 'killer app'?

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iphigenie: yes, though some do it *far* more elegantly than others :)
-nontroppo (April 02, 2008, 06:35 AM)
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Oh, I smell a new thread  :-\ - I am testing a few, I only have acdsee in that department (and a dozen normal image editing tools) but I have read so much about some of the other tools I am planning to check them out (all expensive though).

My killer app: OneNote 2007.

It's so good that I'm seriously considering upgrading several of my older Win2K machines to XP so they can run it.

Tiddlywiki comes in a close 2nd. It'd probably be first if I didn't have OneNote.

Yipeee! My killer app in doubt is in doubt no more. Lightroom have just introduced V2.0 public beta with in-situ dodge-burn, and apparently full 64-bit app support. I'll post a seperate thread about it I'm so excited!!!!

Jimdoria — any idea why OneNote doesn't get more widespread attention? It's truly incredible in so many ways. I loved this app, but could not trust my data to its proprietary format. I decided two years ago that I'm not going to spend the rest of my life paying Microsoft to read my own documents; 20 years of doing so was enough and I just can't afford to keep up.

Surprised no one has mentioned AutoHotkey!


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