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What's the current 'killer app'?

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hate to say it...but as far as impact and widespread use, any of the major historical file-sharing apps.

to me the killer app would be a great email client - i spend more time in my email client than my browser, and i think there probably is a better way that people havent thought of first.

Merge outlook with onenote for a start, with a better way to search/organise by more than 1 category at a time... and maybe some small bit of webby openid integration... and a bit of semantic search (i.e. less need to organise)

Scrivener is the app I've known people buying a Mac for. It is the app I longed for for a long time, and most clearly guarantees I wont leave my current OS platform.

As a camera lover I was also going to say Adobe Lightroom (I use the old *king* of Killer apps Photoshop a lot less ;)), but Apple's Aperture 2.1 has just  implemented a non-destructive plugin system so my killer app may have just been killed (dodge-and-burn *within* the RAW workflow is seriously sexy)...

I think Final Cut Pro was and still is a (domain specific) killer app (it won a hefty chunk of the indie film/documentary market), but i have a soft spot for Sony's Vegas still.

non destructive photo editing is a killer app in that field - although they all do it nowadays

The key is preventing any company from owning a protocol on the internet, because if that were to happen, then the internet will fail. It would be all over in a flash. The bulk of its value will disappear by virtue of corporate restriction and fees for various types of controlled access beyond what we suffer now.-zridling (April 01, 2008, 01:19 PM)
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This is why I've been consistently anti-IE since its rise to dominance; my dislike of it is much more political (fear of losing the holy grail of free open HTML interoperability) than it is technical (though IEs technical aspects also deserves large heaps of disdain too)...  ;)

iphigenie: yes, though some do it *far* more elegantly than others :)


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