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What's the current 'killer app'?

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I'm curious to know what you think is the killer app on the desktop/web/whatever, as opinions change over the years. (Don't be afraid to think big or outside the box.)


my current killer app is "process explorer" by sysinternals.. they are my 1st steps in virus elimination.

outside the box.. i am wishing to to be free from evaluation.. that would be very useful to me. i can call it a killer apps.  :)


A(ny) web browser...

Big subject here.......there are so many that I like.  To start with I guess it would be Direct folders  It add a left click menu which you can add folders to.  Also let's you add program shortcuts.  And there is a free version. 
For the web I like  It draws modern in a strange way need to see it to believe it.

Several years ago when they talked of ''Killer Apps" it meant new software that was so desirable that you were forced to upgrade your system because you couldn't live without that software.  I don't know of any program out there right now that would fit that description. 
Gamers were generally the bleeding edge power users and were often forced to upgrade in order to play the newest hot game but I can't think of any game that fits the description either.  Apparently Microsoft is hoping that Direct X 10 will force upgrades to Vista as it is designed so it will not work on XP.


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